The good weather has continued and with forward planning labour requirements, we have achieved excellent progress at North Scarle. All clay drainage is complete and the Beam & Block ground floors are on all but one unit. The site has been a joy so far, very well drained and organised which has aided site productivity.

Plot 3 is the last to receive Beam & Block, all materials are on site and will be complete this week.

Brick gangs are scheduled to be on site Tuesday 23rd and will crack on with plots 8 & 9.

Plot 9 Beam & Block complete, ready to receive DPC.

We expect the final drafts for the CGI’s to be available later today which will allow the marketing and sales brochures to be published. We have already received interest from word of mouth, so we are looking forward to people’s opinion when we fully release the development to the market.

Plot 2 Blocks cut ready to be dropped into position.

More updates next month.