Following on from last months’ site update we are pleased to confirm works are continuing to progress well. Over the past month important project milestones have been hit. Foundations are excavated and poured to all plots, with beam and block floors installed on 4 of the 5 houses. Work to DPC level has commenced on 1 & 3, with the remaining plots to follow imminently. Below ground drainage is also complete to all plots.

Important agreements and works have also been planned/completed with Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, BT Openreach and Western Power. All are aligned to programme so there should be no delay in getting all services to site we required. Western Power have also confirmed a date to remove and relocate the existing on site pole transformer to a new location off site.

The site has been a joy so far, very well drained and organised which has aided site productivity. Over the next few weeks we expect to have all plots to DPC level and facing brickwork 1st lift to begin across the site. Scaffolders are lined up to attend site when required and materials are being ordered well ahead of time to ensure the national shortages have as little impact as possible.

Were also working closely with our chosen estate agent aiming to get CGI’s and brochures for the site produced later this month, with a view to launching the active marketing of the development. If this brings off plan sales it would enable the buyers to make bespoke changes to their homes, and tailor the finishing touches to their personal tastes.