The past month has provided good weather with just the occasional spell of rain to assist the site team’s progress. More significant milestones have been achieved in that the superstructures are taking shape in Plots 1 & 2 which really shows the generous plot sizes and room dimensions.

Plots 3,4 & 5 are now up to DPC.

The housing market is currently very buoyant and new build house supply is low which for a developer is great news, however there are caveats! As many people will be aware, as restrictions of the pandemic begin to lift, certain building materials are in short supply through lack of stock and high demand. There are issues surrounding bricks, blocks, cement, insulation, plaster and some timber products. We are pleased to report we and our contractors have been pro-active and forward planning, we have been able to secure our materials and have them on site to suit available labour. The efforts will continue to ensure we have our three goals of time, cost and quality in prime focus throughout the project.

As we write, we are about to go live and launch Bellamy Farm development to the market, below is a sneak preview of plots 1 & 2

Over the next few weeks, we’ll have additional brick gangs on site to bring plots 3,4 & 5 superstructure up to 2nd lift. Roof trusses are being delivered week commencing 2nd August, with the roofing contractor having already delivered his materials to site ready to cover plots 1 & 2.

If you’d like to know about the house spec, or have any other questions about the Bellamy Farm development please get in touch with either The New Homes Agent on 01522 440445, or email them at Alternatively email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!