We are pleased to report great progress in the last month. One of the brick types being used was proving hard to source, the delivery promised for the 18th Oct looked to be in question, however with a few phone calls, the supplier pulled through and delivery was made as promised. We now have all bricks and blocks on site to complete the rest of the project and will maintain the three brick gangs we have on site.

Scaffold has been struck to plots 1,2 & 3 and the old electric pole mounted transformer which was located close to plot 3’s boundary was removed on time Western Power. This makes such a difference to the outlook of plot 3 house and rear garden.

Outlook from Plot 3 landing looking across to plot 2

The works are running to programme and each unit is approximately 2 weeks apart. Plot 1 now has floor screed and plastering throughout.

Plot 1 Lounge
Plot 1 Kitchen

We met with the purchasers on site today for plots 1,3 & 5 to run through their options and flooring choices. It was a pleasure to meet them so we can show off the progress of their new homes but also so they can fully appreciate room sizes and house/garden orientation. They were lovely people and we were very impressed with their choices and their decision making.

Plot 4 approaching 3rd lift

Windows and doors are expected for plots 1 & 2 in the coming days which will ensure the units are watertight. This will facilitate 2nd fix to commence with pace. Kitchens have already been ordered to ensure the longer than usual lead in times can be accommodated without adding unnecessary stress to the programme. Similarly with Sanitary ware, this has been ordered and will be called off plot plot.

Plot 5 Eastern elevation
Plot 5 Southern elevation