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4 Weeks ahead of Programme!

The good weather has continued and with forward planning labour requirements, we have achieved excellent progress at North Scarle. All clay drainage is complete and the Beam & Block ground floors are on all but one unit. The site has been a joy so far, very well drained and organised which has aided site productivity. […]

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Breaking Ground

We had a very positive day on one of our sites yesterday.  Breaking ground is always an exciting day and one that symbolises the reality of all of the planning of a project coming together.          Initial signs look good for this green field site, the topsoil is quite deep but the […]

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South Lincoln Investment Continues

Work Set To Begin! Continued investment in and around the South of Lincoln is driving growth for the City and surrounding area. This is the latest in a series of large scale industrial and infrastructure projects to be undertaken, providing businesses with much needed, modern facilities. Investment in industry like this creates jobs and draws […]

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